A Tribute ...

To Jerry Ward Hart

~ of the Two of Harts, 1984 ~ 1997 ~

In Memory of Jerry Ward Hart
11/29/53 to 9/11/97 ~

1984 -
Just a
Special! What an amazing
he has!

9/11/97 ~ Jerry Hart

The Better Half of the Duo, "The Two of Harts"

Someone very special lay for two weeks slipping away in a hospital bed after seven years of illness. A sweet, talented man, Jerry Ward Hart, who has performed the works of many of the greats of popular and country music -- The Eagles, Waylon and Willie, David Allen Coe and Hank, Jr., as well as the Beatles (oh, how he could play their tunes!), Randy Travis, the Bellamy Brothers, and so many others, as well as his own songs (at least 5 albums worth, most of them still unrecorded) -- and now he, after having been dismissed as hopelessly ill by the doctors in charge of his care, has chosen to release his hold on this early existance and go to the arms of his savior.

He had no wealth or fame, just his love of performing and his enormous cache of music and his memories of sharing with others his love for music. He continually reached out to help others to share their talents and original works through countless showcases hosted for free.

*** His songs written to benefit the hungry and homeless were performed and donated for those less fortunate. Aside from the music, many times he spent hours assisting others, and could be found in any weather, under a stranded stranger's vehicle working to get it going again. Because of his sensitivity, he took the troubles of those around him to heart and would always try to give solace and encouragement to anyone in trouble, without regard to his own convenience or safety, ultimately resulting in his death. There never was a more willing good samaritan than Jer. Even after his death, he has kept on giving -- his old 1963 Ford Econoline van has been vandalized in a break-in attempt to steal it. There have been repeated attempts, some successful, to steal other equipment which has taken years of sacrifice and hard work to obtain.

*** He remains virtually unknown and unapplauded for his gifts and great love for others. Like many who were famous, he fought a long and valiant, though unsuccessful, fight to stay in recovery from his addiction to alcohol. There were those who in the guise of friendship aided the deterioration and ultimate destruction of his body, but never his precious spirit. Unlike many who have been fortunate enough to overcome the hold this terrible disease had on him, he didn't have the physical and financial resources to fight any longer.

He was only 43 years old.

*** He had so many obstacles in his life -- missing the upbringing of his only daughter whom he loves so dearly and for whom he wrote the hauntingly beautiful "Song For Tina," and the recent loss of both his mother and his father (the latter for whom he searched -- for over 15 years).


"I was born ready!"

He also endured many employment changes and health reversals -- yet he kept trying to get on the road to recovery and continued to create beautiful music and lyrics inspired by those around him.

*** Jerry Ward Hart was born to Jerry C. Hart and Catherine Gertrude Clendenning Hart, November 29, 1953, here in Salt Lake City. He loved his mountains. He loved the outdoors, the streams, the crisp mountain air; he loved to ski Utah's great slopes and those of Jackson Hole (in bib overalls); he loved to fish and camp; he loved people and he loved his elder brother, Jesus Christ. He was a Christian of the most basic kind and he showed it daily.

*** From the age of three, Jer was hitting tennis balls. He was a child state tennis champion of both Utah and Idaho. He built many country club and other tennis courts with his father's business, Harts' Construction, and was crew chief at the early age of 17 years. Jer taught tennis and ran his own tennis pro shop. In the 80's Jer started surveying and became very competent in this work, eventually being promoted to party chief.

*** At the age of eight, he began to play the guitar and from then picked up the drums, and several horns, including saxophone. He had a desire to learn other instruments, especially the violin.

*** An eagle scout through participation in a troop supervised by an L.D.S. scout leader (although not a member of the L.D.S. church) and through his father's Sea Scouts as a boy, he had since used every opportunity (which usually meant those hanging around his '63 Ford Van) to teach neighborhood youth those things he knew so well in scouting, such as various knots and archery which he also enjoyed until he died although he had to lessen the poundage on the bow considerably toward the last.

*** We thank those of you who chose to look close enough to see his special spirit and sense of humor, his humanity and his great talents.

If you would like to help others like him, contact me at Dustyshot@AOL.com . Thank you.

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Forever Yours ~ Copyright, 1991

  • A spirit never lives alone;
  • A body has been given ~
  • To house the souls & troubled minds,
  • For others just to look on.

  • My death is for the living.
  • Please don't weep for me.
  • My soul will last forever.
  • I'll always be with thee.

  • Concentrate your waking hours
  • Make your dreams come true
  • A greater dream awaits us all.
  • My love I'll leave for you.

By Jerry W. Hart, June 25, 1991 ~ Written for our friend, Donnie Lee Darden, who was taken suddenly back to Our Father in Heaven.

"Hurry Up Ever' Chance You Get!" ~ "I Love You."

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