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Showcase 2020 Two of Harts® & Friends     Music CD (Audio)   $22.95 *  
Gallery Membership /
Six Months
    Network & Web Display   $49.95 ***  
Gallery Membership /
One Year
    Network & Web Display   $74.95***  
Gallery Membership / Custom PKG.***     Network & Web Display   $                 ***  
Showcased Poetry & Verse     By Pamela Hart & Jerry Ward Hart (Compilation)   $5.00 *  
Rob's Verse No Longer Available     By Robert A. Flaspoehler (Compilation)   **.*   N/A
"Poetry By YOU!"     By You
(Custom Compilation)
Ask About This!
  $25.00 *  
YOUR Web Site
Basic ***
    Gallery Design
Per Your Specs

Ask About This!
  $75.00 ***  
Gospel of the Great Spirit**   No longer
  Book on CD (Text)   ** *   N/A**

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*** Basic Web Site with two additional linked pages,guestbook, counter, and "pass it on" function. After the basic site is created, further site developments are available @ $20/HR. Note: cost of a domain name - can be had for as little as $10 per year (subject to change.)

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