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***Listen to Cover Songs Sampled Below:***

To play the following song samples - Click on the song title!

*Remember, for the best results, pause the player
Until the sound file is fully downloaded
(usually just a few minutes) and then enjoy!

*Please allow at least 2 minutes for each download!

Blue Suede Shoes - A Sample!
Best of My Love (Eagles) - A Sample - Click Here!

Girl (from the Beatles) - A Sample!

They Call Me The Breeze (Lynyrd Skynnard) - Another Sample!

Heartache Tonight (Charlie Daniels) - A Sample!

Come, Monday (Jimmy Buffet) - A Sample!

The Two of Harts

~ The Gallery of the Arts ~

Also available for just $22.95 each is a collection of original music
(20 songs!) by new artists.

*Just think! By purchasing each CD, you can help other
striving new artists find their market, too!

Please contact us by emailing the Gallery at

~ By a new artist! "Water Lilies" ~

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The above sound files are samples of

... Cover works only performed as samples by the Two of Harts!
Samples of your own original works clip (sound file such as *.wav) file
of your own music recorded in a studio can be placed similarly
with your ad so as to sample your originals.

Also -- Your art -- whatever medium --
Can be displayed and sold similarly!

If you are interested in joining ICAP's network and showcase, please contact us at A booklet describing the numerous ways ICAP is available to help you in your chosen art field is available for a donation of $5.00 or more.

(Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.)

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Ask about our NEW CD:
Showcase of the Arts - The Two of Harts - Gallery 2020 -
Plus Three New Songs

(See "Samples" page for complete list of dongs on the CD!)

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